Ledbury today is a popular tourist destination, with visitors appreciating the historic buildings aligning the High Street and surrounding roads. Sometimes though, these historic (high)lights are hidden under a bushel - or in this case, pebble dashed render.  Here is 1 The Southend, then and now: The Feathers Hotel, on the High Street in Ledbury, … Continue reading Ledbury

AHF and Mrs Hubbard

A version of this post was previously posted on the 1/1/2019 Sometimes when you are researching family stories, it can get rather tedious (speaking from personal experience here - one can have too many Ag Labs from Norfolk!!).  On the other hand, one twist can send you down a rabbit hole into a dimension that you couldn't predict. Who were AHF and Mrs Hubbard? In … Continue reading AHF and Mrs Hubbard