The Residence Private Hotel

This post was first published on my previous blog on 31/12/2018

A topical message on a postcard picked up at a local auction

I had a sneaking suspicion that this would be a photo of somewhere in Hereford – there was a limited number of people with the surname Hubbard accompanied by three initials.  Using the 1939 Register, I found an Arthur H. F. Hubbard and his wife Constance E J Hubbard living at ‘Levanne’, Bodenham Road, Hereford.  Thinking that I had “cracked the case” on my first shot, I used google maps to trawl up and down Bodenham Road to see if I could get a match on the architecture.  

No luck.

No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t find any way that this house could fit onto the roadscape of Bodenham Road, so it was back to the drawing board (AKA The Scanner).  Taking a high resolution scan of the right hand portion of the photo, I was able to read the two signs:

With a bit of squinting, I made out the sign to read “The Residence Private Hotel”.  A modicum of googling helped me out here with a reference to The Residence Private Hotel on Broad Street, Hereford (see here ​ ).  Going back to the old faithful of Google streetview, it became apparent that the building to the far right of the picture is Hereford Museum, Art Gallery and Library (Photo © Jaggery (cc-by-sa/2.0)).

Because I know Hereford pretty well, this also meant that I knew that Victorican gothic splendour of The Residence was no more, and in fact had been replaced by this architectural ‘gem’: 

Comparing the two photos:

it confirmed that we had the correct location.  Aylmer and Tiller’s book “Hereford Cathedral: A History” (pub A & C Black, 2000) confirms that The Residence was in existence up to the 1950s and prior to  being a private hotel had been the residence of the canon residentiary of Hereford Cathedral.

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