Snowy Church

Sometimes when you are trying to locate a photo, it comes down to educated guess work – the landscape might give you clues, or buildings might have key architectural features that help narrow down contenders.  This can take a lot of hours, slogging through pictures and maps and hoping to get lucky.  On other occasions, there are more obvious signs – in this case, a road sign!  To the left of the photo is a snow covered signpost/gas lamp with signs reading “High Street”, “Fire Station” and “Dawes Heath Road”.  It was the latter name that helped the most.  Dawes Heath (now more commonly spelt as Daws Heath) is an area near Southend, Essex.  Daws Heath Road extends from just north of Hadleigh, Essex, through the village of Daws Heath and on to Thundersley, Essex.  This gave a very defined area for me to search, made even easier when it turns out that only Hadleigh had a fire station!

So, ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you………. St James the Less, Hadleigh, a Grade 1 listed building.

Now, tempus has definitely fugitted, and the church is now delicately bracketed by the A13 London Road. This map shows the changes in Hadleigh between c. 1888 and the present day, whilst good old streetview gives you the, errrrr, street view 

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